There is no need for excessive description on this series becasue the frames and colors tell they are flattering. We have put our utmost effort into making them the hottest choice in the like price. Don't hesitate to give it a try! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

Both River_S and River_B adopt:

  1. The well-designed wire core, coupled with dependable hinges, ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.
  2. The intricately crafted wire core, diamond quadrifoil pattern, and polishing craftsmanship bestow the frame with an enhanced artistic aesthetic.
  3. The incorporation of environmentally friendly TR90 material enhances the frame's durability and resistance.

19mm 54mm




0.75in 2.13in




Due to different measurement, please allow 2mm discrepancy.

Top Reviews

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Stylish and Effective Blue Light Blocking Glasses!
Ja***in  January 17, 2024
I've been wearing these for hours during my study sessions, and I'm impressed! The chic and preppy multicolor frame adds a fashionable touch, making them a perfect accessory. Not only are they super stylish, but they also effectively block blue light, providing a comfortable and focused study experience. Highly recommended!
Best blue light glasses I have ever owned
An***na  November 17, 2023
I love these glasses so much. I had a more expensive pair of blue light glasses from another brand which I lost so I decided to buy these since i loved the chunky style. These blue light glasses were so affordable and honestly so much better at blocking blue light than my expensive ones! The style is so cute too. I wear them at the office all the time
If you don't like compliments, these are not for you
Di*** S.  January 20, 2024
These are a great pair of frames. They are sturdy, and more importantly, they look good on me. I have gotten so many compliments wearing these while on my zoom calls. They are great talking pieces because people steadily ask me where they're from.
Oversized and a great color
Sh***en  October 28, 2023

These glasses are large and a beautiful bright color. I plan on putting my prescription into these frames. I liked the price, because I wouldn't want to buy something expensive and not like it. I tried this size on in a store, so the fact they are large is complimentary and not the look of a spacewoman. They are also very comforable to be this large.

I recommend them for fun or everyday wear.

Sturdy and I get compliments on them often!
Dr***ls  July 28, 2023
I appreciate how sturdy and good quality these glasses are, help my eyes stay protected while working on a screen or looking at my phone! I love the clear look and shape and have gotten many compliments on these glasses. Would recommend!
Ra***y  August 25, 2023
Love these glasses they’re amazing. I get so many compliments. Getting everyone in my office to grab a pair! I plan on collecting them all
Nice blue blocking glasses, wish there was a smaller size
S***L  October 31, 2023
These blue blockers are very sturdy and help reduce eye fatigue when watching TV or videos. I have a small face and they are a little big for my face , but the ear pieces are snug enough to work. The tortoise shell color is lovely .