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5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses

Summer's here. Are you having trouble finding an ideal pair of sunglasses for yourself or others? If you want to find comfortable sunglasses to elevate your look, follow these steps.

Step One | Find a Frame Size

First, understand eyewear measurements:
Lens Width (40mm to 60mm):
the horizontal width of each lens
Lens width
Bridge Width (14mm to 24mm):
the distance between two lenses
Bridge width
Temple Width (120mm to 150mm):
the length of temple piece/arm piece
Temple Width
Frame Width:
overall frame width
Frame Width
Then follow these guides to find the most suitable size:
  • Slightly Wider Frame
    No more than a finger width between the temple and your face.
  • Right Lens Height and Width
    Your eyes should be situated just above the center of your lens.
  • Ideal Bridge Width
    Lower number for close-set eyes, higher number for wide-set eyes.
    Higher bridge for higher-situated nose, lower bridge and curved brow line for lower-situated nose.

Step Two | Fit Your Face Shape

The general rule is to choose sunglasses opposite of your face shape.
First, determine your face shape.

  • Oval Face: your face is longer than it is wide.
  • Round Face: the widest part of your face is at your cheeks, and your face is not very angular.
  • Heart face: your chin is pointed and your forehead has a prominent feature.
  • Diamond face: your face is angular and widest at temples.
  • Square Face: you have a strong jaw, wide forehead and wide cheekbones.
  • Long Face: you have elongated feature from forehead to chin.
Then find your match.
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Step Three | Match Skin and Hair Color

The best sunglasses to improve your look match your skin tone and hair color perfectly. Here are some tips for you to choose colors.

1. Skin Tone
  • If you have a cool skin undertone, we recommend frames in vibrant jewel colors: royal blue, emerald, red, pink, dark tortoise, white, gray, black, and navy
  • For those who have warm skin tone, try red, brown, beige, orange, golden, yellow or light tortoise frames. These colors flatter your skin.
  • If you have a mix of warm and cool skin tone features, you can choose between warm and cool color palettes.
5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Skin Tone 1
5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Skin Tone 2

2. Hair Color
  • Light Colored Hair
    Wearing darker sunglasses for light hair can make for an eye-catching look. Cool blonde hair goes well with blue, pink, purple, dark grey or black, as they create a harmonious contrast. Besides, people with warm blonde hair look gorgeous in brown tones.
  • Medium Colored Hair
    Those with brown hair are very lucky, as many colors match them well. Light blue and pink are good for cool skin tones, while those with a warm skin tone can go for pink, dark blue or black.
    Copper and orange are compatible with red hair, while green or blue frames are also an option to create a beautiful contrast.
  • Dark Colored Hair
    Black hair is versatile when choosing the colors of sunglasses. Dark sunglasses and strong colors can greatly enhance your look. If your skin tone is somewhat lighter, choose a grey or smoky blue frame.
5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Hair Color 1
5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Hair Color 2
5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Hair Color 3

Step Four | Determine Lens Color

  1. Gray Lenses
    Gray lenses are the most common color for sunglasses because they enable you to see the world with little change to its real-life color. Ranging from a faint silvery to almost black, Gray lenses prove to be ever-adaptable and fashionable.

    5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Gray

  2. Yellow to Orange Lenses
    Yellow to orange lenses are excellent choices as well since they help to increase contrast, especially in foggy or low-light environments. You can also use they for night driving to avoid glare and reflections from strong lights.

    5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Yellow Lenses

  3. Brown and Amber Lenses
    They offer brighter vision especially on cloudy days, which can greatly enhance outdoor visual sharpness.

    5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Brown and Amber Lenses

  4. Rose and Red Colored Lenses
    Rose or reddish colored lenses filter out blue light both indoors and outdoors. They provide clear vision and help increase contrast.

    5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Rose and Red Colored Lenses

  5. Green Lenses
    Green lenses have a soothing effect on the eyes and they can also enhance clarity and colour contrast.

    5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Green Lenses

  6. Blue to Purple Lenses
    They can filter out the infrared spectrum of light and are ideal for those who suffer from dryness and ocular fatigue.

    5 Steps to Choose Perfect Sunglasses_Blue to Purple Lenses

Step Five | Match Your Outfit

Ensure that the color of your sunglasses and your outfit blend in together.

Choose sunglasses frames complement your accessories, like jewelry, hats, scarves, headbands. Pick items with same or similar colors to make an attractive impression. Prepare multiple pairs of sunglasses to create your own styles. Dark or neutral-colored sunglasses are trendy and easy to match, while navy blue and beige frames look cool in warm seasons.

So those are my 5 steps to pick a perfect pair of sunglasses.
And now I'd like to hear from you:
Are there any new ideas to choose great sunglasses? Or maybe you need a recommendation.
Either way, contact us or leave comments below right now.

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