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How to Clean Sunglasses (5 Steps)

On sunny summer days, sunglasses are necessities for eye protection and beauty. However, how to keep it clean and nice-looking is of great concern all the time. Eye makeup, sand at the beach, and daily skin oils all make eyewear dirty. Most people polish it with a cloth but the vision doesn't improve much after that.

Five Steps to Clean Sunglasses

How to keep your sunglasses as new as you bought it for the first time? Here are two practical ways you can try to bring your glasses tender love and special care.

Store Your Glasses in a Protective Case
A simple method is to put your eyewear in a protective case when they are taken off. In this case, they'll be away from the threat of dust and other debris and no more worries. Luckily, VisoOne provides protective cases for each pair of sunglasses.

Clean Sunglasses Lenses Properly
You probably need to clean your lenses due to fingerprints, stains or fog on the lens. Do you use your clothes or tissues to wipe them away? Wrong move!In fact, this often cause micro-abrasions and scratches. VisoOne offers sunglasses with a microfiber cloth – perfect for making your lens as crisp and clean as possible.

Here's a detailed introduction.
  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them.
  2. Rinse your sunglasses properly.
  3. Gently clean the lens and all parts of the frame.
  4. Carefully shake glasses to remove water.
  5. Dry the lenses and frame with VisoOne cloth.

If you have any new ideas, leave a comment or contact us directly.

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