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Our Story

Viso One was started by 3 young people in Hong Kong who were tired of ordinary office work and wanted to work for something they truly love. After studying the eyewear industry, they created their own brand and determined to provide quality glasses at a budget-friendly range.

Additionally, Viso One would like to help people with such troubles — who suffer from boredom and agony due to tedious work and monotonous life. We would like to bring beauty to their eyes' fit and stylish outfit and let them build confidence. That means a lot to us in return.


For that reason, we started to look for creative designers and experienced brand owners. We teamed up with like-minded people to study eyewear and eye problems. We’re making progress step by step.

Meet our Teem

Breadth of Vision

Viso One is aiming to be a new star in the eyewear industry. We study and offer chic eyewear to the general public.


VISOONE was established to provide the best fancy glasses to the insightful consumer. We develop a thoughtful collection of fabulous designed and splendid fashion eyewear from same sources of supplier for most famous brands around the world. You can save the time of searching endlessly for your favorable pick in one stop. Whether you are looking for the perfect match eyewear to you or your lovely relatives. We can even provide tailor-made special edition products that brighten you to a new view of life.

Meet our Team
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