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Pros and Cons of Different Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect our eyes from bright sunlight and also serve as fashion accessories. When choosing sunnies, many factors need to be considered, such as function, style, price and durability. Thanks to online shopping, trendy sunglasses are available at reasonable prices. However, you may be confused by all kinds of different lenses. Let's explore the pros and cons of various shades.

UV protection sunglasses

Jeffrey Anshel, O.D., F.A.A.O., from Poinsettia Vision Center in Carlsbad explains, "UV radiation can lead to abnormal eye growths, macular degeneration, general vision loss, and cancer of the eye." Therefore, UV protection is built into many sunglasses.

· UV coatings block the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays from damaging your eyes.
· Sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection may filter out blue light as well.

· The lens only protects your eyes from the front. You'll still need extra protection like wearing a hat.
· The UV protection in sunglasses will decrease, but it will take years to do so. Replace your eyewear every several years.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are specially built with a special chemical, which are effective at reducing light glare and eyestrain.They are very helpful for outdoor activities like fishing, boating and golfing.

· Block glare and provide superior vision clarity and contrast in bright sunlight.
· See beneath the surface of the water better, recommended for fishing or boating.
· Reduce eye fatigue and enhance visual comfort.

· Make it difficult to view LCD screens, such as cell phones and car dashboards.
· More costly and some may have durability issues.
· Not recommended for night driving.

Anti-reflective Coating
Anti-reflective Coatings (also known as anti-glare or AR coatings) are designed to reduce the amount of reflection in lenses. They can be applied either back, front or both sides of the lenses.

· Enhance your appearance because of your enhanced eye contact with others.
· Provide clearer and sharper vision.
· More durable because they're resistant to scratches, water and dirt.
· Reduce eye strain while watching TV or working in front of a computer.

· Tend to be quite thin, and this makes them easily damaged.
· More likely to show up smudges, like dirt or fingerprints.
· Too much cleaning ruins them fast.

Mirrored Coatings

Mirror coatings (also called flash coatings) are reflective coatings applied to the front surface of eyewear to decrease light entering the eye. This type of shades usually has a thin, metal front surface.

· Block out the harmful UV rays. Prevent glare from affecting your vision. They are ideal for driving or outdoor sports in sunny days.
· Incredible variety of colors to make you look stylish.
· Hide your eyes for reasons like dark circles or puffy eyes.

· These lenses are prone to scratches and scuff marks. Clean with caution.
· Too dark indoors or in a dimly-lit area.
· More expensive than other sunglasses.

Gradient Lenses

Gradient sunglasses are two-toned glasses usually tinted from top to bottom, so the top is the darkest part.

· Good for driving, because they protect your eyes from overhead sunlight and allow you to read the dashboard simultaneously.
· Make you look glamorous and sophisticated in your sunglasses.
· Cost-effective since this kind of lenses can be used both outdoors and indoors.

· Not the best choice in bright, high-glare situations.
· Not suitable for activities around water or other glare-prone surfaces.

Photochromic lenses
Photochromic lenses, or transition lenses are the lenses that darken on exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation.

· Cost-effective since they save you the money of buying another pair of glasses.
· It's more convenient because you don't need to carry around two pairs of eyewear and switch between them.
· Providing continuous UV protection.

· Need time to clear up and reaction time varies according to different brands or weather.
· Ineffective in cars because your windshield blocks UV rays.
· Can't cut harsh glare like polarized sunglasses.

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