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How to Buy Prescription Glasses with Best Prices

tips to choose prescription glasses

There is no denying that eyeglasses are expensive. You are likely to pay about $300 to $400 for a pair of prescription glasses from popular U.S. eyewear chains. Besides, if you want add-ons like anti-glare lenses or designer frames, the price can double.

Q: Are there any budget-friendly alternatives?
A: Definitely.

Buying glasses online with best deals can save hundreds of dollars. Shop prescription eyeglasses with reasonable price at VisoOne. Here’s some tips for you.

TIP 1 | Have an updated prescription

Before you can buy prescription glasses online, you’ll need two things: a prescription matching your vision needs, and your pupillary distance. The standard validity of a prescription is 2 years for adults and 1 year if you are younger.

You can check your health insurance to see if it covers the cost of an annual eye exam. If you’re using an FSA, call beforehand to find the cheapest option.

TIP 2 | Shop for Ideal Frames

  1. Face Shape
  2. Before you get too far along into your search, remember to choose eyeglasses that complement your face shape. The general rule is to choose a frame that provides a contrast to your face shape. (You can refer to the article XXXX for more details.)
  3. Frame Favorites
  4. What’s your favorite frame shape — square, cat eye, or rectangle? Do you want classic black or stylish tortoise frames? What kind of frame materials do you prefer? Eyeglasses send messages. They also reflect personality. Therefore, choose your eyeglasses and create your own styles.

TIP 3 | Choose Suitable Lenses

Choose the proper eyewear based on your updated prescription and pupillary distance. This guarantees that you receive lenses that will let you see clearly at near and far distances.

If your days involve staring at computer screens for long hours, you may consider blue-light-blocking lenses.

Tip 4 | Check the Reviews

Will you be satisfied with the eyeglasses you purchased? Were others satisfied with the eyewear -- and the service -- they received at the online shop?

If others are gushing about how much better they can see now and how friends are applauding their decision, you'll probably like your new spectacles as well.

Tip 5 | Take Advantage of Coupons and Special Offer Deals

The Internet is full of product coupons, and eyeglasses are no exception.You can find the best deals on holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas. At the end of a season, you can often get discounted glasses. During the fall and winter, for example, you can get fantastic deals on sunglasses.

You can follow us on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok and Pinterest. We provide various coupons and discount deals on eyeglasses and sunglasses regularly.

Do you have any tips on how to save money on prescription glasses? Feel free to talk with us in the comments.

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